Please wait until you receive an email from AFerry confirming that you can apply the procedure below.

To redeem your credit note please log in to your booking via aferry 'My Account' or 'Manage My Booking', and click on 'Redeem Credit Note'.

  • Identify your original Grandi Navi Veloci booking reference number which will be your credit note number (e.g. 00001234567 in the below example):
  • Connect to and start a new booking.
  • In the 'payment' step, paste your Grandi Navi Veloci voucher number (e.g.: 00001234567) in the field "Promotional coupon" at the bottom left of the screen and click on the 'enter' button.
  • This will discount the amount of your credit note off your new booking.

Please note the following rules:

  • The credit note (voucher) must be redeemed and redeemed by 15/10/21.
  • The amount of the credit note is equivalent to the amount paid for the original reservation (except travel insurance bought from aferry).
  • The voucher (credit note) is nominative, non-transferable.
  • In the case of a ticket with more than one participant, the reservation holder must be present for the new trip.
  • The voucher amount (credit note) can only be used as a whole for a new booking.
  • If the new trip is more expensive than the original trip, customers will have to pay the difference in price (e.g. most expensive cabin type available).
  • Departures for 2021 are not yet available for the redemption of credit notes. Please check regularly.
  • For more information regarding credit note expiry dates and travel dates, visit our Grandi Navi Veloci Travel Advice article

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