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How can I use my credit note?
How can I redeem my credit note? How do I use my voucher?
How can I redeem my credit note? How do I use my voucher?

How do I use my credit note?

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Here is our step-by-step guide to redeeming your credit note with the following Ferry Partners:

  • DFDS Seaways

Step 1. Log in to your booking via 'My Account' or 'Manage My Booking', and click on 'Redeem Credit Note':

Step 2. Select your new travel details.

Step 3. Review the new price (the value of your credit note will be automatically deducted).

Step 4. Book

If this doesn't work for any reason Please send us a message with the new details and we will be happy to help you redeem them manually.

If you cannot do it online please send us a message through your account

Tips and Hints

We recommend you redeem your credit note at least 72 hours before you are due to travel to avoid disappointment.

Please note the following rules:

  • The credit note amount is equivalent to the amount paid for the original booking.

  • Should the new trip be more expensive than the original one the customers will have to pay for the price difference (e.g.: more expensive cabin type available).

  • The travel credit is a personal travel credit and cannot be transferred to others.

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