This article tells your how to make changes to your booking and help you find any information relating to your Corsica Linea ferry booking.

How to make changes to your booking

Here are some helpful articles to help you make changes to your booking if your travel plans change:

How can I cancel my booking and how much will I be refunded?

How can I change my booking? How do I amend my booking?

How can I request a credit note?

How can I redeem my credit note? How do I use my voucher? - Coming soon

Other popular questions:

What additional documents do I need to take with me because of COVID-19?

Is my ferry still going ahead?

Corsica routes: operational.

Algeria routes: Crossings have been suspended until further notice.

  • To date, there is no official information from the Algerian authorities on the date of the effective reopening of the borders.
  • In the meantime, Corsica Linea has cancelled its Algeria crossings until 31/10/20.

Tunisia routes: resumption of crossings on 26/07/20 (Europe-Tunisia) and 02/07/20 (Tunisia-Europe).

Cancellation of crossings:

  • For operational reasons, the Marseille-Tunis and Tunis-Marseille crossings with the Danielle Casanova cruise ferry from October 3, 2020 to November 1, 2020 will not be operated.
  • Customers are automatically transferred to the nearest CTN departures and customers can show up with their initial ticket.
  • Email campaigns have been sent to inform affected customers If these alternate crossings are not suitable, customers can:
  • Change free of charge with fare protection on next departure available
  • Cancel free of charge
  • Here are the EXCEPTIONAL and MANDATORY HEALTH MEASURES defined by the Tunisian government, applicable for France / Tunisia crossings from 15/08/20 on entering Tunisian territory, for passengers coming from France and Belgium:
  • Each passenger will have to present a negative PCR test to Covid-19 when boarding at the port of Marseille,
  • carried out no later than 72 hours before departure (or carried out no more than 120 hours before arrival).
  • Before boarding, each passenger must fill in the health form and the commitment form on his or her honour.
  • Each passenger will be subjected to a temperature reading before boarding in the port of Marseille.
  • We inform you that boarding in Marseille will be refused to passengers who do not meet the criteria defined above and required by the Tunisian state.
  • WARNING: these measures are mandatory for all passengers on the Marseille-Tunis crossing of the Danielle CASANOVA from 14/08/20 departure 18:00.
  • Link to the official website which lists all the laboratories carrying out Covid-19 tests in France:
  • Update 20/08/2020 : DIRECTION TUNIS-MARSEILLE
  • Due to the current health crisis, exceptional health measures have been defined by the French authorities, the Bouches du Rhône Prefecture and the PACA Regional Health Agency, for all passengers coming from Tunisia.
  • These measures are applicable from 22/08/20 for passengers on the Tunis-Marseille crossings with the ships Danielle CASANOVA of the CORSICA linea and TANIT of the Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation :
  • All passengers will have to present a sworn statement certifying that they have no symptoms related to COVID 19 and that they have not been in contact with persons considered "COVID+".
  • It is also strongly recommended that passengers arriving from Tunisia provide a negative PCR test for Covid-19 at the time of boarding at the port of Tunis, carried out no later than 72 hours before departure (or carried out no more than 120 hours before arrival).

If you entered your mobile phone number* when you made your reservation, you will receive updates by SMS if there are any changes, but you can also consult the latest information about Traffic Infos on

*French mobile phone numbers only.

Can I get a credit note for my Corsica Linea booking?

Credit notes are available for Corsica Linea customers who are due to travel up until 31/10/20.

If you hold a booked ticket for travel from 01/11/2020 onwards the cancellation conditions based on the initial price chosen apply.

When does my Corsica Linea credit note or voucher expire?

Corsica Linea credit notes must be redeemed and travelled within 18 months of the original travel date.

Information about my crossing Corsica Linea

What time is the check-in? When do I have to check in?

The most recent check-in times are as follows:

Corsica routes

  • Foot passengers must arrive 60 minutes before departure.
  • Vehicles must arrive 90 minutes before departure.

North African routes (Tunisia and Algeria)

  • Foot passengers must arrive 120 minutes before departure.
  • Vehicles 180 minutes before departure.

Where is the port? What is the address of the port? How to find the port?

To help you find the port for your ferry, here are the ports of Corsica Linea:


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