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How can I request a credit note?
I would like a credit note, but it is not being offered?
I would like a credit note, but it is not being offered?

Practical advice to secure your money for travel in the future, when a credit note is not offered by a ferry partner

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Many ferry partners are no longer offering credit notes, although we appreciate many of our customers still have very good reasons to want to delay their travel.

In these cases we recommend this:

  • Changing your ferry booking to a date far in the future (as far as the ferry partner’s timetables have been published)
    a. If you know your exact future dates then that is ideal
    b. If not, just choose your best approximate future date
    c. If the timetables have not yet been published for your future travel, just change as far into the future as you can, then change again in a few months time.

  • When your travel plans are clear, or the future timetables are published, then change your ferry booking again to your preferred dates. Remember not to wait too long as popular dates/times sell out quickly.

  • Thanks to our decision to charge no AFerry fees for changes, often these changes will cost you nothing. However please note if the ferry partner charges a fee or there is a fare difference, you will need to pay the extra amount.

Many customers do this work-around which is completely within your rights and in accordance with the ferry partner's terms and conditions. By doing this you maintain your ferry ticket money for future travel, similar to a credit note.

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