This article tells your how to make changes to your booking and help you find any information relating to your Fjord Line ferry booking.

How to make changes to your booking

Here are some helpful articles to help you make changes to your booking if your travel plans change:

How can I cancel my booking and how much will I be refunded?

How can I change my booking? How do I amend my booking?

How can I request a credit note? Coming soon.

How can I redeem my credit note? How do I use my voucher? Coming soon.

Other popular questions:

What are the new COVID-19 requirements to travel to each country and which borders are open?

Do I need to wear a mask onboard?
Yes. From the 22/08/20 it will be mandatory that all passengers over the age of 12, use facemask when they are travelling with Fjord Line due to the Danish government new regulation.

Are Fjord Line ferries running as normal?

If you have entered your mobile number when you booked you will be updated by SMS if anything changes, but you can also check the latest information regarding Fjord Line Travel updates here and operational updates here.

As you know, the Norwegian government has not given a definitive / specific deadline for when tourists can enter. Everything depends on the national and international development of Covid-19 and the vaccinations. Entry is currently very limited, here you will find the current links:

1) General

Economy tickets:

Rebooking economy fare

- Rebooking WITH NO amendment fees [previously 80EUR]

- If the price of the new ticket is higher, the difference must be paid

- If it results in a lower price, the difference will not be refunded

Value vouchers

- Value voucher for the same value as the cancelled trip

- The value voucher keeps the same booking number and rate conditions

- The value must be redeemed before 16 December 2022 [extended from 30 April 2022]

- The value voucher can be used for journeys until end of 2023 (2023 is not yet open for booking) [extended from end of 2022]

- If the price of the new ticket is higher, the difference must be paid.

- If it results in a lower price, the difference will not be refunded.

Information about my Fjord Line crossing

What time is Check in? When do I need to check in?

  • Check-in opens 120 minutes before departure.

  • Guests with and without a vehicle should arrive at least 60 minutes before departure.

Where is the Port? What is the Port address? How do I find the port?

To help you find the port for your ferry, here are the port addresses for Fjord Line:

  • Port of Bergen: Hurtigruteterminalen, Nøstegaten 30, 5010 Bergen, Norway, GPS 60.392069, 5.311952. Tel: +47 51 46 40 99, Tel check-in +47 928 73 313.

  • Port of Hirshals: Nordsøterminalen, Containerkajen 4, 9850 Hirtshals
    Denmark, Tel: +45 979 63 000

  • Port of Kristiansand: Kristiansand fergeterminal, Vestre Strandgate 31, 4611 Kristiansand, Norway, GPS 58.144129, 7.985240. Tel: +47 51 46 40 99, Tel check-in: +47 480 27 609.

  • Port of Langesund: Langesund fergeterminal, Kongshavn 8, 3970 Langesund, Norway, GPS 59.006, 9.7470. Tel: +47 51 46 40 99, Tel check-in +47 966 40 764.

  • Port of Risavika (near Stavanger): Risavika havn, Utenriksterminalen Kontinentalveien 31, 4056 Tananger, Norway, GPS 58.920986, 5.582556. Tel: +47 51 46 40 99, Tel check-in +47 928 73 311.

  • Port of Sandefjord: Sandefjord fergeterminal, Tollbugata 5, 3210 Sandefjord, Norway, GPS 59.126800, 10.228089. Tel: +47 51 46 40 99, Tel check-in +47 940 09 140.

  • Port of Strömstad: Strömstad fergeterminal, Torskholmen, Uddevallavägen 3, 452 31 Strömstad, Sweden, GPS 58.933697, 11.169850. Tel: +47 514 64 099, Tel check-in: +47 940 03 827

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