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SeaJets - Change booking, find information
SeaJets - Change booking, find information

Want to know everything about Sea Jets? Here's our guide

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Information about my SeaJets ferry

What time is the check-in? When do I have to register?

  • Foot passengers must check in 30 minutes before departure.

  • Vehicles must check in 60 minutes before departure.

SeaJets reserves the right to deny access to the ferry if the check-in time has not been respected.

Where is the port? What is the port address? How do I find the port?

To help you find the port for your ferry, here are the addresses of SeaJets ports:

  • Andros Port Address - Andros Port, Gavrio 845 01, Greece

  • Folegandros Port Address - Karavostasis, Folegandros, Cyclades, 840 11, Greece

  • Heraklion Port Address - Heraklion Port, Platia Kountourioti, Heraklion, Greece

  • Ios Port Address - Port of Ios, Ios Town, 84001, Greece

  • Katapola Port Address - Port of Katapola, Amorgos, Greece

  • Kavala Port Address - Port of Kavala, Kavala Town, 65201, Greece

  • Koufonisia Port Address - Koufonisia Port, Koufonisi 84300, Greece

  • Lavrio Port Address - Lavrio Port, Port Authority, Lavrio, Greece

  • Milos Port Address - Adamantas Port, Adamantas 848 01, Greece

  • Mykonos Port Address - Mykonos New Port, Tourlos 846 00, Greece

  • Naxos Port Address - Naxos Port, 84300, Greece.

  • Paros Port Address - Christoi Konstavtopoiloi 2, Paros 844 00, Greece

  • Piraeus Port Address - Port Gate E9, Mpoumpoulinas 453, Pireas 185 35, Greece

  • Rafina Port Address - Rafina Port, Rafina 190 09, Greece

  • Santorini Port Address - Athinios Port, Órmos Athiniós 847 00, Greece

  • Serifos Port Address - Serifos Port, Serifos 840 05, Greece

  • Sifnos Port Address - Sifnos Port, Kamares 84003, Greece

  • Syros Port Address - Syros Port, Akti Papagoi 21, Ermoupoli 841 00, Greece

  • Tinos Port Address - Tinos Port, Epar.Od. Tinou-Kallonis, Tinos 842 00, Greece

Can I travel with my pet on a SeaJets crossing?

SeaJets permits passengers to travel with pets (including guide dogs and assistance dogs) on all routes. There are three ways that pets can travel: in a pet-friendly cabin; in a pre-booked kennel (pets weighing over 10kg); or in a pet carrier (pets weighing up to 10kg).

What are the Terms and Conditions of SeaJets?

You can find more information about SeaJets' terms and conditions here.

How to make changes to your booking

Here are some helpful articles to help you make changes to your booking if your travel plans change:

Terms and conditions

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