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Viking Line - Change booking, find information
Viking Line - Change booking, find information

Want to know everything about Viking Line? Here's our guide

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Information about my Viking Line ferry

What time is check-in? When do I need to check in?

The check-in times for Viking Line routes are as follows:

  • Check-in starts approximately 90 minutes before the departure time.

  • Foot Passengers must be at the harbour at least 30 minutes before departure, except in Tallinn: 45 minutes before departure.

  • Passengers travelling with vehicles must check in at the harbour and be ready for loading at least 30 minutes before departure, except in Tallinn: 45 minutes before departure.

  • Passengers travelling with vehicles with a height of more than 2.40m: 45 minutes before departure

Check-in and boarding closes 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for all routes.

Viking Line cannot wait for late passengers or compensate the ticket prices. Please do not be late for your sailing.

Where is the port? What is the port address? How do I find the port?

To help you find the port for your ferry, here are the port addresses for Viking Line:

  • Port of Helsinki: Viking Line terminal Helsinki (Katajanokka), Katajanokanlaituri 8 (Mastokatu 1), 00160 Helsinki. GPS: N/lat 60°09,841', E/lon: 24°58,113'. Tel: +35891235311.

  • Port of Kapellskär: Viking Line terminal, Kapellskär, Viking Line, Kapellskär, 760 15 GRÄDDÖ. GPS: N/lat 59°43', E/lon: 19°04'.

  • Port of Långnäs: Viking Line terminal Långnäs, Långnäsvägen 656, 22630 Lumparland, Åland Islands. GPS: N/lat 60° 6' 59" E/lon 20° 17' 51".

  • Port of Mariehamn: Viking Line terminal MariehamnHamngatan, 22100 Mariehamn. GPS: N/lat 60° 5' 31" E/lon 19° 55' 44".

  • Port of Stockholm: Viking Line terminal in Stockholm (Stadsgården), Stadsgården, Tegelvikshamn, SE-11630 Stockholm. GPS: N/lat 59° 18' 54,2", E/lon: 18° 5' 45,37".

  • Port of Tallinn: terminal A, AS Tallinna Sadam, Sadama 25, 15051 Estonia.
    GPS: N/lat 59˚26´38´´ E/lon: 24˚45´37´´.

  • Port of Turku: Viking Line terminal Turku, Ensimmäinen Linja, 20100 Turku.
    GPS: Lat 60°26.0298', lon: 22°13.3030'.

For further information about the port facilities please check here.

Are Viking Line ferries running as normal?

You can check the latest information regarding Viking Lines' latest travel updates here or by phone: +3589123574.

Can I travel with my pet on a Viking Line crossing?

Viking Line permits passengers to travel with pets on all routes except for cruises or on Birka Gotland sailings. Guide dogs and assistance dogs can travel on all routes. There are three ways that pets can travel: in a pet-friendly cabin; in your vehicle; or on the deck. The availability of these options depends on the route and the time of year.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Viking Line?

You can find more information about Viking Line's terms and conditions here.

How to make changes to your booking

Here are some helpful articles to help you make changes to your booking if your travel plans change:

Terms and conditions

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