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Eckerö line - Change booking, find information
Eckerö line - Change booking, find information

Want to know everything about Eckerö line? Here's our guide

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Information about my Eckerö line crossing

What time is check-in? When do I need to check in?

  • Foot passengers check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.

  • Vehicle check-in closes 60 minutes before departure.

Eckerö line reserve the right to refuse access to the ferry if the check-in time has not been respected.

Where is the port? What is the port address? How to find the port?

To help you find the port please check on the website or under the Information in your booking/account:

  • Helsinki Ferry Port Address - Helsinki West Terminal T2, Tyynenmerenkatu 14, 00220 Helsinki, Finland

  • Tallinn Ferry Port Address - Passenger Harbour, Sadama 25-2, Tallinn 10111, Estonia

  • Tallinn Muuga Port Address - Finbo Cargo harbours, Helsinki Vuosaari, Tallinna Muuga

Are Eckero line running as normal?

For operational information for Eckerö line please call +358 9 2288 544.

Can I travel with my pet on an Eckerö line crossing?

Eckerö line permits passengers to travel with pets (including guide dogs and assistance dogs) on all routes. There are three ways that pets can travel: in a pet-friendly cabin; in your vehicle; or in a carry cage or carry bag (small pets). The availability of these options depends on the size of your pet, the ship, and whether you will be travelling with a vehicle.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Eckero Line?

You can find more information about Eckero Line's terms and conditions here.

How to make changes to your booking

Here are some helpful articles to help you make changes to your booking if your travel plans change:

Terms and conditions

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