If you need to contact us, then we are here. However we do it a little bit differently to most travel websites in that we just have one channel - using My Account.

This article is designed to explain how to contact us and a bit of background on why we have made this decision.

How to contact us

  • Choose the booking you wish to contact us about

  • Click on the speech bubble at the bottom right of the screen

  • Click “Send new message” (or reply to an existing message)

  • Start typing your question!

Note: CrewBOT will offer answers and articles (as many AFerry customers have the same question) so please be sure to read these.

Why do you not have a phone number?

In the past we had phone number but we struggled for years to prioritise customer questions effectively, and ultimately delivered a poor customer service.

Why? We sell tickets for 150 ferry partners in 28 languages, running across the world in 8 different time zones. No matter how many staff and how much investment we put into our phone service we never managed to deliver a good service.

So we decided to try something different, and made the bold decision to channel all our customer questions via My Account. This allows our customer service team to see all customer questions, often answering many of the same questions instantly via CrewBOT and help articles. This also gives our team the visibility and data to triage answers to ensure we help the most urgent customers in any language/location first.

So far the decision has delivered a far better customer service than before, although please see the note about COVID-19.

Why do you not have an email address?

For the same reason as the phone number challenge above. By simplifying the channel of communication to only My Account our customer service team can focus on doing a great job for everyone in one place.

What about COVID-19?
It is fair to say that despite the simplification that one channel of contact gives us, at times we have struggled to cope with the volume of enquiries caused by COVID-19 uncertainty and government enforced lockdowns.

We can only apologise for our slower than ideal delays in responding during this unprecedented time, but please be assured we are answering everyone who contacts us (in travel date/priority order) and our teams are working really hard to try to help you get on the best ferry journey for you.

We are confident that if we had three forms of communication (phone, email and My Account) things would be even more challenging. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding.

How long will it take for a reply via My Account and CrewBOT?

CrewBOT provides answers and articles (from the AFerry Help Center) instantly. In 90% of cases the information and links give you access to everything you need to know.

If you still need to ask further questions then you can type this in as a new message. The typical reply time (which varies during the week) is shown at the top of the page.


By simplifying the way you can contact us (via My Account) it allows us to prioritise and answer more questions in multiple-languages and locations and ultimately deliver a better level of customer service at a lower business cost.

This approach has then allowed us to make bold decisions such as removing all our AFerry change and cancel fees, giving you more money to spend on your holiday.

We hope this helps you better understand our contact us policy and thank you for your support of the AFerry family.

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